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Hand-Embroidered Floral Belt

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Beautiful Peruvian belts, colorful hand-embroidered belts!

Size width: 1.65 inches (4.2cm)

S 35" long (fits 24" - 32")
M 41" long (fits 28" - 36")
L 46" long (fits 34" - 42")
XL 50" long (fits 38" - 46")

These belts are densely embroidered using dozens of colors naturals and each one is unique. Elegant floral design and a pleasure to wear, it will bring joy to you through its visual beauty as you will want to wear it time and time again.

Each belt 5 sets of holes spaced 2" apart so they are versatile. You can wear the same belt on your waist or hips. They also stretch slightly, like a pair of jeans, and will conform to your body after a few days of wear.

Handmade in Peru